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Kindergarten Program 
Quiet Time
The Program does not provide a sleep period for the children. Children are welcome to bring personal belongings such as blankets or snuggle toys into the program. A quiet comfortable area will be provided for children to read, listen to soft music or do quiet activities. If children happen to fall asleep during this time we will let them rest for up to 30 minutes before waking them to participate in the Program.

Personal Belongings
Children at Princess Margaret Junior School are assigned a hook to store their personal items while they are in the program. Due to our limited closet space, children in the primary grades may be allowed to use their school hooks. Personal items are not monitored by the staff and we suggest that students do not leave anything of value unattended. The staff would be more than happy to lock valuables in the storage room or office.

Children must wear shoes at all times. Please ensure that your children have the appropriate shoes for physical activities.
"Explore, Create and Learn"

We believe that playing is essential for children to develop their physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities. Children play with purpose and we recognize the need for play experiences to extend a child’s opportunity to learn about relationships between people, materials and their physical environment; ultimately ensuring that the child sees himself or herself as a unique contributor and learner.

Exploration includes activities designed to expand the child’s knowledge of their environment and the world around them. Examples could include sand and water play and experimenting with different materials and instruments such as magnets or microscopes. Manipulating everyday objects or simply playing with bugs on the playground can be an enriching learning experience.

Play experiences initiated by the child are encouraged to promote decision making skills and emotional attachments. Teachers often form many of their assessments about a child’s development by observing the children during “Free Play” It is an ideal opportunity to determine the individual interests and needs of the children in our care.

Creative experiences are designed to encourage self-expression as well as a variety of skills including fine motor skills, organizational skills, decision making skills and creative thinking. Often these experiences influence and promote early learning concepts such as math, reading and writing.

The daily program will take into account both individual and group needs of the children at two different times of the day. Weekly program plans will focus on age appropriate activities designed to enhance development of the individual child’s:

• Cognitive Learning 
• Social and Emotional Development
• Physical Development
• Creative and Artistic Expression

The program will provide a full day of activities and field trips on School Professional Activity Days. The majority of these activities will be recreational. During the year the program will also plan and provide a variety of family and special events. Age groups may be combined depending on the type of activity planned.  

Sample Program Plan