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School Age Program (Grades 1-8)
The Program will provide children with a variety of activities and materials which encourage both independent choices and group decision making processes. Children will be exposed to both recreational and skill building activities in a cooperative and non-threatening environment where the ultimate choice to participate is the child’s.

The daily program will take into account both individual and group needs of the children at two different times of the day. Children will be encouraged to assist the staff in the planning of the program by sharing personal interests and ideas, and through participation in the following areas:

• Active and quiet areas
• Indoor and outdoor play
• Personal projects and homework
• Community events
• Special interest clubs

The program will provide a full day of activities and field trips on School Professional Activity Days. A majority of these activities will be recreational. During the year the program will also plan and provide a variety of family and special events.

Age groups may be combined depending on the type of activity planned. Both schools may be utilized by the program.

Personal Belongings

Children at Princess Margaret Junior School are assigned a hook to store their personal items while they are in the program. Due to our limited closet space, children in the primary grades may be allowed to use their school hooks. Portable coat racks are available for the student’s personal belongings. Personal items are not monitored by the staff and we suggest that students do not leave anything of value unattended. The staff would be more than happy to lock valuables in the storage room or office.

Children must wear shoes at all times. Please ensure that your children have the appropriate shoes for physical activities.

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Sample Program Plan