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Before and After  School Program
Caring for your child every step of the way.
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The following forms and information are available for your convenience. Our goal is to save on paper waste. We encourage all of our families to visit our site, on this page, on a regular basis to keep informed about your child's program.

If you have any questions regarding our forms or newsletters or would like more information, please contact us.

Waiting List 

Print the Waiting List Form below, complete the information required and drop off the form and required payment to the School or the Program. We will contact you when a space becomes available. Group orientation sessions for new children entering the program each September takes place in the month of May.

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Professional Activity Days

The program provides child care on all P.A.Days. Special events and field trips are usually planned. Notice is given to parents at least one week before the P.A.Day, outlining all the details. Parents are required to sign a permission form allowing their child to participate in the activities planned. P.A. Day fees are determined according to the cost of event booked for the day. The average cost of each P.A. is $20.00. Please refer to the website page- 'Services' for specific information about upcoming P.A days and camps.


​PA Day-              February 12, 2016
Family Day-        February 15, 2016
March Break-   March 14 to 18, 2016
Good Friday-      March 25, 2016
Easter Monday-  March 28, 2016
PA Day-              April 15, 2016
Victoria Day-       May 23, 2016
PA Day-              June 10, 2016
PA Day-              June 30, 2016

Fee Subsidy for Child Care 
The Program does have Purchase of Service Agreement with the City of Toronto for the Kindergarten Program. Parents who are already receiving subsidy can transfer their services to our Program. For more information about subsidy contact Toronto Children’s Services at 416-392-5437 
or visit the website
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